Mother Natures Memo Board

Materials: One cork memo board Hunter green and white acrylic paint Medium and thin paint brush Black permanent marker Plastic artificial flowers Butterflies Peppercorn Instant glue Plastic head tacks Hot glue and glue gun 1. Start by applying two coats of green paint to wooden frame of cork board. 2. Then paint on green blades […]

Little Lamb Clay Pot

Materials: 1 large clay pot 4 small clay pots Black and white indoor /outdoor acrylic paint Finishing spray Epoxy glue Small patch of wool or poly-fill Off white wool Ribbon for a small bow Paint brushes large and fine detail brush 1. Paint the entire large pot inside and out with two coats of white […]

Easter Egg Chick

Materials: One large yellow plastic egg One small orange plastic egg One medium pom-pom Two googely eyes Two orange pipe-cleaners Hot glue and gun (a parent’s supervision) 1. Start by making sure you have all your pieces ready in front of you. 2. Take one orange pipe-cleaner and cut into two halves then twist into […]

Easter Egg Bunny

Materials: One large pink plastic egg Two small pink plastic eggs Three medium pink pom-poms One Small white pom-pom Two googely eyes Pink felt Hot glue and gun (a parent’s supervision) 1. First cut out two ear shapes from your pink felt. 2. Making sure you have all your pieces ready in front of you. […]

Raggedy Ann Clay Pot

Materials: One clay pot Straw hat Red wool Scrap material and ribbon Flesh-tone, black, pink and white acrylic paints Hot glue and gun 1. Apply a coating of flesh-tone paint to clay pot and allow drying. 2. Paint on two black dots for eyes. 3. Make lines for eyelashes and little dots above eyes with […]

Chicken Clay Pot

Materials: One clay pot White, black and red acrylic paint Large paint brush Small detail paint brush Straw hat Red felt Cardboard Scissors Hot glue and gun Dried flowers or leaves 1. Start with a base coat of white acrylic paint and allow drying. 2. With black paint add the eyes and eyelashes and a […]

Bunny Pot Scrunchie Holder

Materials: One already prepared bunny spoon One medium to small size clay pot Blue acrylic paint Raffia Piece of Styrofoam Hot glue and gun Piece of scrap material 1. Paint outside of clay pot with blue acrylic paint. 2. Then Paint inside also making sure to cover entire pot and allow drying. 3. Tie a […]

Lacey Bunny

Materials: Small Piece of muslin Pink and Black embroidery thread Poly-fill Needle Potpourri Small rectangular piece of scrap material Piece of eyelet lace Two buttons Some small flowers Glue gun and glue 1. Start by using pattern shape provided and cut out of muslin two bunny bodies and two bunny ears. 2. Using Pink thread […]

Yo-Yo Straw Hat Chicken

Materials: One small straw hat (3 ½ inch wide) Lace and Ribbon Scrap of white material Red and off white felt Black permanent marker Cardboard Spanish moss Tiny white ribbon roses Hot glue gun and glue White tack glue 1. Cut a circle about 4 inches in diameter out of the white material. 2. Then […]

Bunny Spoons

Material: Wooden spoons White acrylic paint Pink acrylic paint (optional) Black permanent marker or paint pen Small pieces of fabric for dress and bow Pink fabric for ears White ribbon Pink buttons Needle and thread Hot glue gun and glue Start by painting the spoon with the white paint and allow drying. If you choose […]

Gardener’s Helping Hand

Materials: One gardening glove new Poly-fill Moss Wire One flowery yo-yo circle 2 inches in diameter One yellow yo-yo circle 1 ½ inch in diameter One wooden circle Half small straw hat Two buttons Green ribbon Raffia Small flowers Glue gun and glue Needle and thread (white) Green, white and black acrylic paint

Cow Clay Pot

Materials: Clay pot Straw hat Acrylic paints and brushes Hot glue gun and glue Dried flowers Assorted color felt pieces Finishing spray String

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