One cork memo board
Hunter green and white acrylic paint
Medium and thin paint brush
Black permanent marker
Plastic artificial flowers
Instant glue
Plastic head tacks
Hot glue and glue gun

1. Start by applying two coats of green paint to wooden frame of cork board.
2. Then paint on green blades of grass along the edges of each side by making wiggly random fat lines.
3. Outline each blade with a thin line of white paint to give highlights.
4. Make sure you have left space in the middle.
5. Using white acrylics and your thin brush paint the words “notes” in center of board.
6. With the end of a flat paint brush dot letters with circles of green paint then allow to dry.
7. Then use a permanent black marker and outline the letters and blades of grass.
8. Your finished board should look like this.
9. Now take apart the flowers leaving only the material to use.
10. Apply some instant glue to head of tack and place a flower petal on tack head. Be careful not to touch the glue.
11. After first layer is dry apply a second flower petal with glue.
12. Then glue a peppercorn to the center of flower and set aside to dry.
13. Apply some hot glue to corners of board and glue on a butterfly in each corner to finish off your garden.

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with some of Mother Nature’s Garden in this colorful memo board project made to please!