Mother Natures Memo Board

Materials: One cork memo board Hunter green and white acrylic paint Medium and thin paint brush Black permanent marker Plastic artificial flowers Butterflies Peppercorn Instant glue Plastic head tacks Hot glue and glue gun 1. Start by applying two coats of green paint to wooden frame of cork board. 2. Then paint on green blades […]

Little Lamb Clay Pot

Materials: 1 large clay pot 4 small clay pots Black and white indoor /outdoor acrylic paint Finishing spray Epoxy glue Small patch of wool or poly-fill Off white wool Ribbon for a small bow Paint brushes large and fine detail brush 1. Paint the entire large pot inside and out with two coats of white […]

I Love Ewe Shadow Box

“A cute Ewe shadow box project for Valentine’s Day or year round display!” Materials: One open frame wooden shadow box pre-sanded * Small detail paint brush Medium paint brush Crimson red, white and black acrylic paint Pencil Small amount of Polyfill stuffing Jute string Glue gun and glue Scissors *I cheated and used a wooden […]

Easter Egg Chick

Materials: One large yellow plastic egg One small orange plastic egg One medium pom-pom Two googely eyes Two orange pipe-cleaners Hot glue and gun (a parent’s supervision) 1. Start by making sure you have all your pieces ready in front of you. 2. Take one orange pipe-cleaner and cut into two halves then twist into […]

Easter Egg Bunny

Materials: One large pink plastic egg Two small pink plastic eggs Three medium pink pom-poms One Small white pom-pom Two googely eyes Pink felt Hot glue and gun (a parent’s supervision) 1. First cut out two ear shapes from your pink felt. 2. Making sure you have all your pieces ready in front of you. […]

Little Handprint

This craft is a cute one for even the little crafters in our lives to make for mom or dad. Materials: 4 Popsicle sticks One piece of white foam sheet Poster paints Blue and purple Margarine lid White Glue Pipe cleaner Black marker Pencil 1. Place some blue paint in a turned over margarine container […]

Flower Pen

“As sweet as a flower”, this pen will make a wonderful little gift for someone who’s always loosing their pen and there is no need to have a green thumb to keep it looking beautiful. Materials: One Bick’s pen One shoelace Hot glue Small wire flowers and leaves Green floral tape 1. Pop the stopper […]

Instant Bath Salts

Materials: 1-cup salt 1-cup Epsom salt 1-cup baking soda 1. Add all the ingredients together and store in nice glass jar or wrap up with clear wrapping and a bow. 2. Just little of this mixture in your tub will give provide a revitalizing bath. 3. If you want bubbles, just add 1 cup of […]

Treasure Stones

Materials: 1-cup flour 1-cup used coffee grinds ½ cup salt ¼ cup sand ¾ cup water 1. Mix all dry ingredients together in bowl. 2. Add water a bit at a time and knead until the mixture is the consistency of bread dough. 3. Break dough into pieces and roll it into the size of […]

Grads’ Paddle of Life

This is a simple little craft to show you best wishes to a graduates future! Materials: Two Popsicle sticks Fun Foam sheet String Hot glue and gun 1. Cut out two tear drop shapes from fun foam. 2. Hot glue the fun foam shapes to the end of each Popsicle sticks. 3. Then apply a […]

Raggedy Ann Clay Pot

Materials: One clay pot Straw hat Red wool Scrap material and ribbon Flesh-tone, black, pink and white acrylic paints Hot glue and gun 1. Apply a coating of flesh-tone paint to clay pot and allow drying. 2. Paint on two black dots for eyes. 3. Make lines for eyelashes and little dots above eyes with […]

Chicken Clay Pot

Materials: One clay pot White, black and red acrylic paint Large paint brush Small detail paint brush Straw hat Red felt Cardboard Scissors Hot glue and gun Dried flowers or leaves 1. Start with a base coat of white acrylic paint and allow drying. 2. With black paint add the eyes and eyelashes and a […]

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