Santa Pen

“This Santa pen is a great quick stocking stuffer idea “ Material: Bick’s pen Red wool Wooden head White felt Scissors Scrap of plaid material Hot glue and gun 1. Apply some dots of hot glue to pen and begin to wrap red wool around the pen all the way from one end to the […]

Paint with Children

Here are some different and all time favorite ways to paint with children. Classic Finger Painting All you need is a place to put a few globs paint. Take a few Styrofoam plates or large margarine container lids and pour different colors onto each one. Then let the child swish their hand around in the […]

St. Patrick’s Day Mosaic Card

Materials: Green construction paper Green fun foam Glue stick Scissors Buttons Green sparkles Green marker 1. Start by folding the construction paper in half and drawing the outline of a clover on the front. 2. Cut the fun foam into small pieces with scissors. 3. Then glue each piece and fill in the clover outline […]

Plastic Egg Elephant

To work with the eggs easily it requires a bit of adult preparation in advance. The eggs all need holes in both ends to feed the pipe cleaners through. I have found the easiest way to do this was to use a soldering iron and lightly poke a hole in each end of eggs being […]

Easter Egg Chick

Materials: One large yellow plastic egg One small orange plastic egg One medium pom-pom Two googely eyes Two orange pipe-cleaners Hot glue and gun (a parent’s supervision) 1. Start by making sure you have all your pieces ready in front of you. 2. Take one orange pipe-cleaner and cut into two halves then twist into […]

Easter Egg Bunny

Materials: One large pink plastic egg Two small pink plastic eggs Three medium pink pom-poms One Small white pom-pom Two googely eyes Pink felt Hot glue and gun (a parent’s supervision) 1. First cut out two ear shapes from your pink felt. 2. Making sure you have all your pieces ready in front of you. […]

American Paper Flag

“Simple Kids July Paper Flags That are fun and easy as pie.” Materials: Red, blue, and white construction paper Glue stick Craft scissors Paper hole-punch Shoestring 1. Cut a 4 x 5 inch piece of blue construction paper with craft scalloped scissors. 2. Cut 4 strips 1 x 12 inches and 3 strips 1 x […]

Little Handprint

This craft is a cute one for even the little crafters in our lives to make for mom or dad. Materials: 4 Popsicle sticks One piece of white foam sheet Poster paints Blue and purple Margarine lid White Glue Pipe cleaner Black marker Pencil 1. Place some blue paint in a turned over margarine container […]

Celebration Fireworks Pencils

“Kids can celebrate the holidays with these simple to make Fireworks Pencils.” Materials: Pencils Red acrylics Finishing spray Egg carton Colorful wrapping paper Small round stickers White Glue Scissors 1. Poke a hole in the bottom cup of the egg carton and fit your pencil in then paint a layer of red acrylic over pencil […]

Funky Crayon Designed Rocks

“Get rocking and decorate your garden bed with these simple to make funky rocks.” Materials: Wax Crayons (florescent colors work best) Black acrylic paints Paint Paint brush Paper towel 1. Use crayons to make any design on your rock you want to. 2. Cover it with design leaving space in between each drawing on rock. […]

I Can Craft Hanging Heart

Materials Red fun foam Foam letters White tacky glue Ribbon Hole-punch Q-tip to apply glue with 1. Cut out one heart shape and one bottom half of the heart from red fun foam using pattern. 2. Glue heart bottom onto the heart and allow drying. 3. Glue on the foam letters “ I can craft” […]

Father’s Day Tie Key Chain

This is one tie dad won’t have to tuck away in his closet but can carry with him all the time on his keychain! Materials: Yellow and green foam sheet Scissors Pencil Hole-Punch White glue Linking key chain 1. Out of yellow foam cut the tie shape. 2. Cut a circle and some strips out […]

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