Pig Clay Pot

Materials: Clay pot Straw hat Acrylic paints and brushes Hot glue gun and glue Dried flowers Assorted color felt pieces Finishing spray String

Ewe Friend

Cut two circles of cardboard for body (drinking glass may be used as a pattern). Cut a smaller circle of cardboard for the face (silver dollar size). Cover both body circles with fuzzy fur. Glue four cinnamon sticks and a gold string hanger inside one circle. Hot glue the other one to it so that […]

Lacey Bunny

Materials: Small Piece of muslin Pink and Black embroidery thread Poly-fill Needle Potpourri Small rectangular piece of scrap material Piece of eyelet lace Two buttons Some small flowers Glue gun and glue

Easter Bunny Pin

Materials: Canvas material Cardboard Hot glue and gun White glue Black permanent marker Black embroidery thread Small amount of quilting batting Small rose flowers Mop string Colored paper (same color as flower used) Pin backing

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