One large pink plastic egg
Two small pink plastic eggs
Three medium pink pom-poms
One Small white pom-pom
Two googely eyes
Pink felt
Hot glue and gun (a parent’s supervision)

1. First cut out two ear shapes from your pink felt.
2. Making sure you have all your pieces ready in front of you.
3. Hot glue the googley eyes, the white pom-pom nose and the pink cheeks cheek to front center of egg.
4. Hot glue two felt ears to top of head.
5. Take the small eggs and pull them apart and glue two pieces to the body for the feet.
6. Then glue the other two small egg half to either side of bunny body as arms.
7. Glue a pink pom-pom to bottom of bunny for a tail.
8. Hippty- Hoppty off your bunny will go. A fast and fun craft for kids to making this great Easter!!