One clay pot
White, black and red acrylic paint
Large paint brush
Small detail paint brush
Straw hat
Red felt
Hot glue and gun
Dried flowers or leaves

1. Start with a base coat of white acrylic paint and allow drying.
2. With black paint add the eyes and eyelashes and a few curls at top of head.
3. Paint in feet with thin lines of black paint.
4. Then make round swoops for wings on either side with black paint.
5. With red acrylic paint inside the beak then spray with finishing spray and allow drying time. (chickenclaypot6.jpg)
6. Cut two crown shapes from red felt.
7. Glue to a piece of cardboard the same shape.
8. Cut a slit in top of straw hat then glue hat to top of pot.
9. Insert the crown into slit in hat and hot glue in place.
10. Glue some dried flowers or leaves to top of hat.

Optional: A piece of off white felt can be added to back of pot as a chicken tail.