1 large clay pot
4 small clay pots
Black and white indoor /outdoor acrylic paint
Finishing spray
Epoxy glue
Small patch of wool or poly-fill
Off white wool
Ribbon for a small bow
Paint brushes large and fine detail brush

1. Paint the entire large pot inside and out with two coats of white paint and allow drying.
2. Paint the four smaller pots entirely black with two coats and allow drying.
3. Then pour a bit of black and white onto a lid or dish.
4. Use a cloth to apply swirls to the outside of your large white pot. This will give it a dimensional look like fluffy fur.
Go around the whole pot several times until you achieve the look you want.
5. In the top center of your pot make a circle and paint it in with dark gray mix of paint made from white and black.
6. Add to oval shapes on either side for floppy ears and paint them in with gray paint too.
7. Then outline the whole face with black paint giving it definition.
8. Paint with gray a heart shaped nose and the bottom of the gray shaped face and outline the nose in black and add a black mouth line.
9. Paint two eyes in the shape of “@” signs with your black paint about center of the face.
10. Then take your detail brush and make swirls of black for detail here and there on the outside of the lamb’s body. Then allow everything time to dry well.
11. Use epoxy glue on the four small black pots and sit the larger pot on top and allow drying.
12. Hot glue on a tuff of fuzzy wool or poly-fill for hair to top of face.
13. Hot glue and braided tail to the back of lamb and glue on a tiny bow to make it cute.