• 1 large clay pot
  • 4 small clay pots
  • Black and white indoor/outdoor acrylic paint
  • Finishing spray
  • Epoxy glue
  • Small patch of wool or poly-fill
  • Off-white wool
  • Ribbon for a small bow
  • Paintbrushes (one big brush and one fine detail brush)

Let’s get crafty and make an adorable little lamb clay pot together!

Follow these simple steps to bring this cute creation to life.

Paint It White: Grab your big paintbrush and cover the entire large pot, inside and out, with two coats of white paint. Let it dry completely.

Go Black and Bold: Now, take that same brush and give all four small pots a bold makeover with two coats of black paint. Let them dry too.

Marbled Magic: Time for a little magic! Mix black and white paint on a lid or dish, swirling them together to create a cool marbled effect.

Fluffy Fur Fun: Dip a cloth into the paint mixture and get ready to create fluffy fur! Swirl it onto the outside of the white pot, making it look dimensional and cuddly. Keep swirling until you’re happy with the fluffy effect.

Give It a Face: With your imagination in full swing, paint a circle in the top center of the pot using a dark gray mixture. That’s the nose! Add two oval shapes on the sides for floppy ears. Paint them in gray too. Use black paint to outline the face, giving it definition.

Cute Facial Features: Make that lamb’s face even cuter! Paint a heart-shaped nose and the bottom part of the gray face with gray paint. Outline the nose in black and add a little black line for the mouth.

Eye-Catching: Those lamb eyes need attention! Paint two eyes in the shape of “@”, using black paint. Place them at the center of the face.

Swirls for Detail: Switch to the fine detail brush now. Add some extra pizzazz by painting swirls of black paint here and there on the lamb’s body. Get creative and have fun! Let everything dry completely.

Stick It Together: Grab the epoxy glue and secure the four small black pots together. Carefully place the larger white pot on top and let the glue dry. Voila! Your pot is coming together.

Fuzzy Hair Time: Get some hot glue and attach a small patch of fuzzy wool or poly-fill to the top of the lamb’s face. It’s like adding a fluffy hairstyle!

A Tail to Wag: Using hot glue, stick a braided tail to the back of your lamb. Make sure it’s nice and secure.

Sweet Little Bow: Let’s add a touch of sweetness! Glue a tiny bow to the lamb’s body. It’s the perfect finishing touch to make your creation even more adorable.

Congratulations on crafting your very own little lamb clay pot! Display it proudly as a delightful decoration or gift it to someone special. Enjoy the crafty fun!

Note: Allow sufficient drying time for all the paint and glue before handling or displaying your finished clay pot.