“A cute Ewe shadow box project for Valentine’s Day or year round display!”


One open frame wooden shadow box pre-sanded *
Small detail paint brush
Medium paint brush
Crimson red, white and black acrylic paint
Small amount of Polyfill stuffing
Jute string
Glue gun and glue

*I cheated and used a wooden puzzle box that’s pieces were long gone….can’t help it I recycle everything.

1 Make sure you have pre-sanded any rough spots from your shadow box then apply a coat of red paint to the sides and carefully to the in sides of box framing. Allow to dry thoroughly approx. 30 minutes.
2. Then use your smaller brush and white paint to go around the corners on the inside of the frame first before filling in the whole bottom in a coat of white acrylic paints. This will avoid putting white paint onto the red areas. Then allow drying.
3. Take your pencil and make three loopy shapes in the middle area of your box for the head.
4.Four angled lines at the bottom for the legs and print in a semi- shape the words “I ” then a heart shape and “EWE”.
5. This gives you the outline of your painting areas.
6.Take you detail brush and fill in the loops for the head of the sheep in black, then paint a thin line for the legs.
7. Paint over the outline of the words.
8. Take the flat bottom of your paint brush, dip into black paint and add dots to the bottom of each leg and to the corners of the word at the top to give it a finished sort of look. Let dry.
9. Clean off the bottom of your brush well and then dip it into white paint and dab on for eyes and nose of your Ewe.
10. Take your detail brush and add three wispy curls to the top of the Ewe’s head. Allow to dry.
11. Take your hot glue gun and apply some glue in a circle to the middle area of the Ewe and then press on a round folded piece of Poly-fill to the center for the body.
12. Hot glue around the inner edge of the shadow box then press jute into the corners all the way around the inside and cut off any extra with scissors.
13. Take a piece of jute about 20 inches long and fold in half then make double looped bow from it. You can unravel the bow ends if you like.
14. Take a piece of Jute and make a knotted loop for hanger for the back of the shadow box and hot glue to back.