Gingerbread Preserve Lid Ornaments

Materials: Used cleaned Canning lid Brown, pink, white and black gloss acrylic paint White lace White ribbon Hot glue and gun 1. Apply a thick coat of brown gloss to front of lid and allow drying then repeat on back. 2. Paint on eyes, eyelashes and mouth with black paint. 3. Paint on a pink […]

Gingerbread Stick Ornaments

Materials: Jumbo craft sticks Popsicle sticks Wood glue Brown acrylic paint White, black and red paint pencils Stick to hang Exacto knife 1. Cut a jumbo craft stick and two Popsicle sticks in half with Exacto knife. 2. Paint sticks with a watered down wash of brown paint to give it a stained look. Allow […]

Fishing Frog Spoon

Materials: Wooden spoon Half a small straw hat Piece of dowel width and length to match spoon Jute Scrap material Wire Wooden stick (this one is a pogo stick) Green fun foam Acrylic paints dark green, light green, white, black, pink, and orange. Dried flower for hat Hot glue and gun Moss Make a cute […]

Cow Spotted Wooden Hanger

Materials: 1 wooden hanger Black and white acrylics Sealer finishing spray or varnish 1. Start by painting the entire hanger with black acrylics. Allow drying time. 2. Then begin to paint on random white spots until you feel it looks full enough. Allow drying time. 3. Seal with a finishing spray (perhaps two coats to […]

Bunny Spoons

Material: Wooden spoons White acrylic paint Pink acrylic paint (optional) Black permanent marker or paint pen Small pieces of fabric for dress and bow Pink fabric for ears White ribbon Pink buttons Needle and thread Hot glue gun and glue Start by painting the spoon with the white paint and allow drying. If you choose […]

Chicken Spoons

Material: Large wooden spoon White acrylic paint Black permanent marker or paint pen Small pieces of cardboard Red stretchy material ( T-Shirt) Raffia White paper twist Three big gold buttons Hot glue gun and glue Start by painting the spoon with the white paint and allow drying. Then cut out two triangles from cardboard and […]

Raggedy Ann CD Decoration

“This is a great way to recycle those old CD’s and décor for a little girl’s room.” Materials: Old CD Flesh tone, pink, white, red, black acrylic paints White, red and blue foam sheets Red felt sheet Scrap plaid material Button Hot glue gun and glue Scissors Finishing spray Medium and detail painting brushes

Graduate CD

This is an adorable little CD craft to celebrate someone specials graduation! Materials: An old CD Black acrylic paint Medium brush White fun foam sheet Black felt Push pin Hot glue and gun White ribbon White paper String Scissors Pencil Wire flower Blush Black marker Black fun foam

Stick Snowmen

These are so simple! A great kids craft! Paint Popsicle sticks with white paint and let dry. Cut a felt rectangle to wrap and glue around his head for a hat. Tie off the top of hat with a piece of yarn to make a tuft. Make snips down to the tied off part to […]

Candle Jars

Materials: Preserve jar clean and dry A heart cut from card stock Acrylic paints red or blue and white Wide soft bush Old Toothbrush Finishing spray Glue stick

Snowman and Gingerbread-man Light Bulb

Materials: Regular light bulb Indoor/Outdoor gloss acrylic enamel glass paint: White (for Snowman) or brown (for Gingerbread-Man), black, pink, sky blue, orange Paintbrushes:  One soft medium sized one to put on entire first coating One small one for painting on facial features One Egg carton Small scrap of material for hat Jute for hanging Rubbing […]

Cow Clay Pot

Materials: Clay pot Straw hat Acrylic paints and brushes Hot glue gun and glue Dried flowers Assorted color felt pieces Finishing spray String

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