One already prepared bunny spoon
One medium to small size clay pot
Blue acrylic paint
Piece of Styrofoam
Hot glue and gun
Piece of scrap material

1. Paint outside of clay pot with blue acrylic paint.
2. Then Paint inside also making sure to cover entire pot and allow drying.
3. Tie a piece of raffia round the pot in a bow and glue in place.
4. Hot glue a small piece of foam and stick in pot of pot.
5. Make a hole by poking end of spoon into foam then place some hot glue into hole and set spoon back in place.
6. Squeeze some hot glue all around foam piece inside.
7. Then place in a matching scrap of material and form around to cover up foam.
8. You can then use your Bunny in a pot to hold scrunchies on your dresser or in the bathroom or just as a cute decoration!!