Clay pot
Straw hat
Light brown, orange, yellow, white and black, medium green acrylic paints
Hot glue gun and glue
Brown felt
Dried flowers

1. Start with a base coat of medium brown acrylic paint and allow drying.
2. Then use white, orange and yellow to paint on random stripes with brush.
3. Paint black nose and mouth.
4. Paint two black oval shaped for eyes on the front of the pot.
5. Paint inside of eyes yellow.
6. Using the end of your paint brush paint three dots on each cheek.
7. Then paint on whiskers with three thin lines of black paint on each cheek.
8. Paint in black pupils and then dot eyes with white paint centers.
9. Cut two triangles from brown felt for ears and glue ears to back of straw hat.
10. Add some dried flowers and a bow to top of hat.
11. Glue hat to top of clay pot.