Clay pot
Straw hat
Brown, black, white acrylic paints
Hot glue gun and glue
Dried flowers
Black or brown color felt pieces

1. Start with a base coat of medium brown/red acrylic paint and allow drying.
2. Then use a lighter brown or mix the brown with a bit of white to paint on a circle muzzle and two half circle front paws.
3. Paint a tiny triangle and loops for nose and mouth.
4. Then two black ovals on the front center of pot for eyes.
5. Dot white paint in centers for eye with the end of your paint brush.
6. Then use white paint and make three dots on each cheek.
7. Press you paint brush with white paint on to pot in an oval shape for three paw-prints on each paw.
8. Then add some dried flowers and leaves to top of straw hat.
9. Cut two circles from brown or black felt and glue to straw hat.
10. Glue hat to top of clay pot.

Optional: A brown or black pom-pom can be glue to the back as a tail.