To work with the eggs easily it requires a bit of adult preparation in advance. The eggs all need holes in both ends to feed the pipe cleaners through. I have found the easiest way to do this was to use a soldering iron and lightly poke a hole in each end of eggs being used. It takes seconds to do. Note: When your iron cools down you can then clean your iron with a bit of light sanding to remove any plastic residue left behind. If you don’t have a soldering iron a heated copper wire will work also. Then when egg is cool just cut off any excess plastic from around the holes with a knife. Then each egg can be easy worked with by your child. The other warning I want to stress is when using the hot glue gun a child should be old enough to use it them selves with some supervision or the adult can complete this part for them. Glue guns do burn and are not to be left unsupervised near children.
Being there to help see how your child’s imagination works and promote their creativity is the most rewarding.


One large blue plastic egg (with holes)
Two smaller blue plastic eggs (with holes)
One pipe cleaner
Blue fun foam sheet
Goggly eyes
Hot glue and gun (needs adult supervision)
White glue

1. Start with two small eggs and one big egg with holes in either end.
2. Cut a pipe cleaner into two pieces. The tie a knot in the center of each half.
3. Fold pipe cleaner in half and push through hole in end of an opened large egg. Do this for the other large half too.
4. Take the sticking out pipe cleaner ends and push each one through the hole in the smaller egg halves and twist into a knot to make it stay in place.
5. Now you have two halves of your elephant body.
6. Draw with a pen the shape of an elephant head out of a foam sheet.
7. Cut the shape out with scissors.
8. Use white glue to glue on some goggly eggs to elephants face.
9. Cut a tail from foam sheet.
10. Then cut a rectangle strip of foam to go around center of elephant.
11. Hot glue the strip around the middle of elephant body. This will keep him together and decorate him at the same time.
12. Next glue on tail to back of body.
13. Finally, Hot glue on his face to front of body.