Clay Pot Calico Cat

Materials: Clay pot Straw hat Light brown, orange, yellow, white and black, medium green acrylic paints Brushes Hot glue gun and glue Brown felt Dried flowers 1. Start with a base coat of medium brown acrylic paint and allow drying. 2. Then use white, orange and yellow to paint on random stripes with brush. 3. […]

Clay Pot Bear

Materials: Clay pot Straw hat Brown, black, white acrylic paints Brushes Hot glue gun and glue Dried flowers Black or brown color felt pieces String 1. Start with a base coat of medium brown/red acrylic paint and allow drying. 2. Then use a lighter brown or mix the brown with a bit of white to […]

Chicken Clay Pot

Materials: One clay pot White, black and red acrylic paint Large paint brush Small detail paint brush Straw hat Red felt Cardboard Scissors Hot glue and gun Dried flowers or leaves 1. Start with a base coat of white acrylic paint and allow drying. 2. With black paint add the eyes and eyelashes and a […]

Bunny Pot Scrunchie Holder

Materials: One already prepared bunny spoon One medium to small size clay pot Blue acrylic paint Raffia Piece of Styrofoam Hot glue and gun Piece of scrap material 1. Paint outside of clay pot with blue acrylic paint. 2. Then Paint inside also making sure to cover entire pot and allow drying. 3. Tie a […]

Medieval Birthday Invitation

Materials: 1 sheet (8 ½ x 11) of Parchment or tea dyed 30 lb paper 2 BBQ skews Hot glue and gun Gold and white ribbon Pencil Black fine point pen 1. Write out your invitation on your sheet of paper using pencil first to avoid a mistake. (invitation1.jpg) 2. Then take your black fine […]

Sunflower People

Materials: Yeast jar Orange cotton material Iron on interface for fabric Brown nylons Poly-fill 80lb green paper Green pipe cleaner Hot glue and gun Plaster Felt Needle and thread Scissors Dry crafting moss Raffia 1. Start with an old bread yeast jar that is clean. 2. Then take some cotton orange material and use two […]

Bath Salt Rainbow Fairy

Materials: 2 Clear glass long neck bottles Bath Salts Food coloring Essential oil of your choice Funnel 1 ½ inch Styrofoam ball Acrylic paints in black and flesh-tone Medium and detail paint brushes Light pink mesh material for bow An artificial flower Thin ribbon Hot glue and gun 1. Using a funnel poor a bit […]

Raggedy Ann Pins

Materials: Muslin Blue Material Red wool Red ribbon Fabric Paint pens (red, black, white) Hot glue and gun Pin backing Cotton ball 1. Start by making a yoyo with blue material with a diameter of 2 inches when finished. 2. Then using the muslin make a yoyo about 1-½ inches in diameter and stuff it […]

Lacey Bunny

Materials: Small Piece of muslin Pink and Black embroidery thread Poly-fill Needle Potpourri Small rectangular piece of scrap material Piece of eyelet lace Two buttons Some small flowers Glue gun and glue 1. Start by using pattern shape provided and cut out of muslin two bunny bodies and two bunny ears. 2. Using Pink thread […]

Ragtime Jean Pull Bag

This makes a very personal and trendy gift. It could be filled with hair accessories, notebook and pens or maybe a sweet treat. Materials: Cut off bottom leg of old jeans Embroidery threads (white, pink, and red) Embroidery needle Scrap piece of pink material White cord for draw string Scissors Safety pin 1. Start by […]

Apple Yo-Yo

Create this Apple Yo You and use it to create multitude of beautiful items. Make a pin or a bookmark for a favorite teacher. You can even glue a bunch of them on a barrette or a headband to give to your favorite little girl. Just a couple of ideas. This is a very versatile […]

Yo-Yo Straw Hat Chicken

Materials: One small straw hat (3 ½ inch wide) Lace and Ribbon Scrap of white material Red and off white felt Black permanent marker Cardboard Spanish moss Tiny white ribbon roses Hot glue gun and glue White tack glue 1. Cut a circle about 4 inches in diameter out of the white material. 2. Then […]

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