Stick Snowmen

These are so simple! A great kids craft! Paint Popsicle sticks with white paint and let dry. Cut a felt rectangle to wrap and glue around his head for a hat. Tie off the top of hat with a piece of yarn to make a tuft. Make snips down to the tied off part to […]

Candle Jars

Materials: Preserve jar clean and dry A heart cut from card stock Acrylic paints red or blue and white Wide soft bush Old Toothbrush Finishing spray Glue stick

Gardener’s Helping Hand

Materials: One gardening glove new Poly-fill Moss Wire One flowery yo-yo circle 2 inches in diameter One yellow yo-yo circle 1 ½ inch in diameter One wooden circle Half small straw hat Two buttons Green ribbon Raffia Small flowers Glue gun and glue Needle and thread (white) Green, white and black acrylic paint

Blossom Fairies

Materials: Plastic Rose Blossom Round woodenhead Curl crafting hair Hot glue gun and glue Piece of ribbon for hanger Small dried flower

Little Gardeners

 Material: Peat moss seed pot Spanish moss Muslin Poly-fill Flowers Peppercorns Whole clovers Piece of mop string Raffia Green indoor/outdoor gloss paint Hot gun and gun Thread and needle

Christmas Mice

Material: Styrofoam flat circle 10 inches in diameter 3 black plastic head straight pins White felt Hot glue and gun Red bows & ribbon Holly Exacto knife Start by cutting your Styrofoam circle into four even pieces with a ruler and an Exacto knife. Each slice makes one mouse body.

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