• Styrofoam flat circle 10 inches in diameter
  • 3 black plastic head straight pins
  • White felt
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Red bows & ribbon
  • Holly
  • Exacto knife

Start by cutting your Styrofoam circle into four even pieces with a ruler and an Exacto knife. Each slice makes one mouse body.

Trim and shape the Styrofoam so it is smoother on the edges.

Use a little bit of hot glue to secure the straight pins in place as eyes and nose.

Cut out a long tail and two teardrop shaped ears from white felt and glue in place.

Make a loop from ribbon and push into Styrofoam at top of mousse head between ears then glue it down.

Glue on a little Christmas decoration at base of mouse.

Note: When using hot glue on Styrofoam only use a little bit or it will melt the foam.