snowman_sticksThese are so simple! A great kids craft!

  • Paint Popsicle sticks with white paint and let dry.
  • Cut a felt rectangle to wrap and glue around his head for a hat.
  • Tie off the top of hat with a piece of yarn to make a tuft.
  • Make snips down to the tied off part to form a “pom”.
  • Draw face on with a black Sharpie marker pen.
  • Draw nose with a red Sharpie pen.
  • Using a marker (or tiny poms) put “buttons” down the front.

Add this little poem:
“Skinny Snowman
I’m a little snowman,
skinny as can be.
Hang me up front so
I’m not lost in the tree!
© 2002 by Shirley Thomas@ “