Little Gardeners

 Material: Peat moss seed pot Spanish moss Muslin Poly-fill Flowers Peppercorns Whole clovers Piece of mop string Raffia Green indoor/outdoor gloss paint Hot gun and gun Thread and needle

Felt Snowman

Materials: Off white felt (Body) Small piece of black velvet (Hat) Plaid fabric strip (Scarf) Stuffing Buttons Small flowers Embroidery thread

Graduation Hat Decoration

This decoration is simple to make and can be added to top of gift wrapped present or to add to a table setting as decoration. Material: White Foam Push pin Scissors White Ribbon Gold pen Black marker 1. Cut a square and a half circle with a scooped pattern out of white foam. 2. Then […]

Simple Glasses Case

If you are looking for a new craft project for your daycare, school,summer camp, senior center or just to keep your kids busy today, this project just might just be the ticket. This craft project is sure to be an outlet for creativity and fun. When your finished you’ll have a cute glass case can […]

Chicken Pox Pin

Materials: Yellow foam sheets Orange 20lb paper scraps Red permanent marker Black permanent marker Exacto knife/scissors Hot glue and gun Pin backings

Frosty Nose Snowman Pin

Frosty Nose Snowman Pin

Materials: White felt Red and black embroidery thread A scrap of fabric for scarf A button Pin backing Cotton balls Hot glue and gun

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