Brown, black, white and red acrylic paints
Puzzle piece
4 Popsicle stick
White glue
Finishing spray

1. Start by painting your puzzle pieces brown on one side then allow for drying time and paint other side also and let dry.
2. Glue three pieces together to form face and antlers.
3. Allow drying time of about 1 hour.
4. Take Popsicle sticks and give them a very watered down brush with the brown paint to give them a stained look.
5. Glue legs and a piece of jute to be used as a hanger to back of puzzle piece head.
6. Then glue on a puzzle piece on top of jute and legs to form the reindeer’s bottom and tail. Allow drying over night.
7. Then using your red paint make a small round nose. Make two small white dots for the eyes and when dry highlight them with black for pupils.
8. Outline around each puzzle piece using the black paint.
9. Paint the hoofs with black paint.
10. With a bit of white dab on a little white tail.
11. Finally, give the whole thing a light spray of finishing.