“Here is a simple way to dress up your holiday celebration with festive Coasters for 4th of July or Canada day”


13 Popsicle sticks
White glue or wood glue
White, red and/or navy blue acrylic paints
Medium and small paint brushes
Finishing spray matt
1. Take eleven Popsicle stick and glue side by side then glue one stick across top and one across the bottom the opposite way.
2. The sticks across will hold them in place and allow drying time.
3. When dry apply white paint to the five center sticks and allow to dry.
4. Then paint outside sticks, three on each side with red paint and allow drying.
5. Paint a small heart shape onto the white in the center, blue for American or red for Canadian.
6. Paint three dark red “s” shapes onto the heart.
7. For American coaster random blue dots can be added to outside stick to add some flare.
8. Apply a finishing spray and allow drying time.