Red paper napkin
3 Black pipe cleaners
2 Googely eyes
2 Sparkly red pompoms
Big black button
2 red yoyos made from scrap material
Black string or wool
Hot glue and gun

Warning: Be careful, once bitten by the Love Bug there is no going back!!!!

1. Start by folding the red napkin in an accordion way back and forth.
2. Twist in the middle with a black pipe cleaner.
3. Cut off the side of napkin that is closed.
4. Wrap pipe cleaner ends around a pencil to form spiral antennas.
5. Gently start to undo each layer of the napkin and bring forward so that it becomes puffy.
6. Cut your two remaining pipe cleaners into half and bend to make legs.
7. Take your two already made red yoyos and glue together and tips to form a body. Then glue on leg parts.
8. Glue body to the center of the wings.
9. Take your large black button and glue on to middle of bug body.
10. For the eyes glue your googley eyes to the pompoms and glue to face of love bug.
11. To hang glue a piece of black wool or a piece of string to the back.