Celebration Fireworks Pencils

“Kids can celebrate the holidays with these simple to make Fireworks Pencils.” Materials: Pencils Red acrylics Finishing spray Egg carton Colorful wrapping paper Small round stickers White Glue Scissors 1. Poke a hole in the bottom cup of the egg carton and fit your pencil in then paint a layer of red acrylic over pencil […]

Patriotic American or Canadian Popsicle Stick Coaster

“Here is a simple way to dress up your holiday celebration with festive Coasters for 4th of July or Canada day” Materials: 13 Popsicle sticks White glue or wood glue White, red and/or navy blue acrylic paints Medium and small paint brushes Finishing spray matt 1. Take eleven Popsicle stick and glue side by side then […]

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