1 sheet (8 ½ x 11) of Parchment or tea dyed 30 lb paper
2 BBQ skews
Hot glue and gun
Gold and white ribbon
Black fine point pen

1. Write out your invitation on your sheet of paper using pencil first to avoid a mistake. (invitation1.jpg)
2. Then take your black fine point pen and careful copy over your penciled in words and allow it to dry thoroughly. (invitation2.jpg)
3. Take your skew and roll it over the end of the paper then glue in place. One on either end. (invitation3.jpg)
4. Then take your paper and roll it inward on either side to meet in the middle. To finish it off tie it with a nice ribbon in a bow. (invitation4.jpg)

**Hint when writing your invitation out use old English word where you can such as “Lords, Ladies, Thee, ‘Hear yea Hear yea’ etc.” Make it sound like your party invites are going out to royalty and they are invite to your kingdom or castle to give it some fun.