Puppy 12 days of Christmas

Materials: Dog biscuits Clear wrapping Ribbon Printer Paper This is a cute one for the canine family members. Just take some Dog biscuits and wrap them in some nice clear wrap and tie with a bit of ribbon. Then attach this poem. Click to print graphic “On the first day of Christmas my puppy gave […]

Dust Pan Cookies

This is a cute Christmas time gift for your neighbors or for bake sales. Bake some arrange the cookies on the dustpan. Then wrap in colored cellophane, tie with ribbon and attach this poem. “I was baking some cookies When they dropped on the floor So I scooped them right up And rushed them to […]

Cookie Cutter Gift

Materials: Cookie cutter Ribbon White cardstock Printer Hole punch This is a great idea for a very quick little gift that can be added to a stocking, given away to co-workers or neighbors. I bought my cookie cutters at my local dollar store 4/$1.00 so this makes it a really inexpensive idea too. Just print […]

Country Mitten

Materials: Scrap material Button Embroidery thread and needle Ribbon or string 1. Start by cutting out two mitten shapes from your scrap material. 2. On one mitten shape hand stitch a tiny square scrap to front and sew a button in the middle. 3. Then with embroidery thread blanket stitch the two mitten shapes together […]

Carolers Pins

Materials: Popsicle Sticks (cut in half with an Exacto knife) Sand paper Green or red felt Flesh tone acrylic paint Light colored paper Scrap wool Permanent marker Scalloped Scissors Hot glue and gun Pin backings Start by using your Exacto knife to cut a Popsicle stick in two. Then lightly sand the cut end smooth […]

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