Red or plaid material
Plastic Santa and Mrs. Claus heads
White fun fur
Needle and thread
Hot glue and gun


1. Start by cutting out round circles for the body and hand stitching around the outside so that it can be gathered and pulled into a ball.
2. Fill the ball with poly-fill stuffing.
3. Sew opening closed.
4. Then cut a circle of white fun fur.
5. Poke through wire head.
6. Glue in place.
7. Using two scraps of material cut a long rectangle and tie into a knot in the middle.
(This is the arms and needs to be sewn to each side of the round ball body. )
8. Use a brush to groom the fun fur around the neck. The same instructions work for Mrs. Claus.
9. Then add a little saying to the pair like this one. “ It’s ok to be bottom heavy!”