White T-shirt material
Scrap wool
Dried Rice
Needle and Thread
Embroidery Thread black and orange
Hot glue gun and glue

  1. To make this simple snowman take a rectangular piece of white t-shirt material 4 x 8 inches and fold in half so you have a doubled piece 4 x 4. Then sew the side and bottom together leaving the top open for stuffing.
  2. Take another piece of small white fabric and make a square bag to fill with rice and place in bottom of snowman body to weight it down at the bottom. This makes him sit nicely.
  3. Then stuff the whole thing and sew it up. Tie a white piece of string around it’s middle to form a head and body shape.
  4. Cut a piece of fleece out in a long scarf shape and put little slits on the end to make it fringed. Tying the scarf around the neck will him look plump!
  5. To make hair take some yarn and make about 5 or so loops and tie in the center and cut off ends. Glue or sew to top of head.
  6. To make his hat take another piece of fleece and cut into a wide triangle and sew sides together leaving the bottom open. Fold up a bit to make a rim for the hat.
  7. Then stitched on a face with embroidery thread. Make ā€œXā€™sā€ for his eyes using black thread and a straight stitch from black for his mouth. The nose is a small amount of orange looped in and out a few times.
  8. Sewed on a button to his front to finish him up. This is a fast and easy way to make a snowman that will never melt!