Father’s Day Tie Key Chain

This is one tie dad won’t have to tuck away in his closet but can carry with him all the time on his keychain! Materials: Yellow and green foam sheet Scissors Pencil Hole-Punch White glue Linking key chain 1. Out of yellow foam cut the tie shape. 2. Cut a circle and some strips out […]

Heart Key Chain

Here’s a simple craft to make for mom to attach to her keychain and always know how much you love her! Materials: Red and blue foam Scissors Hole-punch Glue Pencil Linking key chain 1. Cut out one heart out of red foam sheet. 2. Then cut a larger heart out of blue foam. 3. Punch […]

Patriotic American or Canadian Popsicle Stick Coaster

“Here is a simple way to dress up your holiday celebration with festive Coasters for 4th of July or Canada day” Materials: 13 Popsicle sticks White glue or wood glue White, red and/or navy blue acrylic paints Medium and small paint brushes Finishing spray matt 1. Take eleven Popsicle stick and glue side by side then […]

Clay Pot Frog

Materials: Clay pot Straw hat Dark green, white and black, medium green acrylic paints Brushes Hot glue gun and glue Dried flowers 1. Start with a base coat of medium green acrylic paint and allow drying. 2. Paint two black ovals on the front center of pot for eyes, a wiggly mouth and two teardrop […]

Clay Pot Calico Cat

Materials: Clay pot Straw hat Light brown, orange, yellow, white and black, medium green acrylic paints Brushes Hot glue gun and glue Brown felt Dried flowers 1. Start with a base coat of medium brown acrylic paint and allow drying. 2. Then use white, orange and yellow to paint on random stripes with brush. 3. […]

Clay Pot Bear

Materials: Clay pot Straw hat Brown, black, white acrylic paints Brushes Hot glue gun and glue Dried flowers Black or brown color felt pieces String 1. Start with a base coat of medium brown/red acrylic paint and allow drying. 2. Then use a lighter brown or mix the brown with a bit of white to […]

Medieval Birthday Invitation

Materials: 1 sheet (8 ½ x 11) of Parchment or tea dyed 30 lb paper 2 BBQ skews Hot glue and gun Gold and white ribbon Pencil Black fine point pen 1. Write out your invitation on your sheet of paper using pencil first to avoid a mistake. (invitation1.jpg) 2. Then take your black fine […]

Sunflower People

Materials: Yeast jar Orange cotton material Iron on interface for fabric Brown nylons Poly-fill 80lb green paper Green pipe cleaner Hot glue and gun Plaster Felt Needle and thread Scissors Dry crafting moss Raffia 1. Start with an old bread yeast jar that is clean. 2. Then take some cotton orange material and use two […]

Bath Salt Rainbow Fairy

Materials: 2 Clear glass long neck bottles Bath Salts Food coloring Essential oil of your choice Funnel 1 ½ inch Styrofoam ball Acrylic paints in black and flesh-tone Medium and detail paint brushes Light pink mesh material for bow An artificial flower Thin ribbon Hot glue and gun 1. Using a funnel poor a bit […]

Seed Pack Angel

Materials: Jumbo craft stick Pink acrylic paint Permanent black marker Raffia Seed pack Wool scraps Quilting batting 1. Remove seeds from package and place into small envelope that can be given with angel if you like. 2. Fill empty seed package with a rectangle of quilting batting cut to fit inside and glue shut. 3. […]

Raggedy Ann Can

Materials: 1 Soup can (clean) White spray paint Acrylic Paints (Black, white, navy, deep red, flesh tone, pink) Finishing spray 1. Start by spray-painting the soup can white and set aside to dry. Then paint two flesh tone circles. 2. Then with black outline the circle and add dots for eyes. 3. Using red paint […]

Raggedy Ann Keepsake Box

Materials: Unfinished latched box Fine sandpaper Black, red, pink and flesh-tone acrylic paints Medium soft brush Small detail brush White ribbon White tacky glue Soft rag Finishing spray 1. Sand any rough edges until nice a smooth. 2. Take a bit of black paint and put it into a small cup then add some water […]

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