Small Piece of muslin
Pink and Black embroidery thread
Small rectangular piece of scrap material
Piece of eyelet lace
Two buttons
Some small flowers
Glue gun and glue

1. Start by using pattern shape provided and cut out of muslin two bunny bodies and two bunny ears.
2. Using Pink thread start to stitch the two pieces together until you reach the top of the head and then
3. Fill the bunny body with a little bit of Poly-fill stuffing in arms and legs.
4. Then put a bit of crushed Potpourri into the middle of bunny and stuff the rest with poly-fill until full.
5. Sew the head closed with pink embroidery thread.
6. Take Bunny ears and stitch the two pieces together with pink thread. Then sew to top of head.
7. Take the black thread and stitch on eyes, nose and whiskers.
8. Take a small scrap of pretty material and gather to make a skirt for bunny.
9. Take some eyelet lace and sew around neck as a collar.
10. Sew on two buttons one to collar and one to the tummy.
11. Glue a few pink flowers to top of bunnies head were ears are sewn on.
12. You can hang him on the wall by sewing on a bit of thread looped to his back or just sit him somewhere special.

bunnyear bunnybody