One small straw hat (3 ½ inch wide)
Lace and Ribbon
Scrap of white material
Red and off white felt
Black permanent marker
Spanish moss
Tiny white ribbon roses
Hot glue gun and glue
White tack glue

1. Cut a circle about 4 inches in diameter out of the white material.
2. Then a circle about 2 ½ inches in diameter out of cardboard.
3. Using your thread and needle sew a straight stitch about the outside of the white material circle so it will be easily pulled into a yo-yo in the middle.
4. Place the cardboard piece in the center of white yo-yo and pull closed tight then knot closed
5. Using your red felt cut out a small comb and beak for your chicken and glue on to white yo-yo.
6. With off white felt cut out a set of wings and glue to the back of your yo-yo.
7. Take your black marker and draw on two eyes. Then set chicken aside.
8. Glue lace around rim of straw hat.
9. With a bit of white glue moss on hat. Let dry.
10. Glue a ribbon bow to bottom of hat.
11. Decorate with a few tiny white ribbon flowers glued on here and there.
12. Tie a loop of ribbon and glue to back of straw hat as a hanger.
13. Finally, Glue your chicken to the center of hat.