Olde Crow Tin Planter

Materials: Large coffee tin White outdoor spray paint Sponge Orange, black, white and brown acrylic paint Paintbrush Use as a planter or to store things. 1. Start by spraying entire can white and allow drying time. 2. Then take a sponge and apply some orange and brown paint randomly to get a rusted look. 3. […]

Moola To Sit Bank

Materials: One stuffed cow Straw hat One large jar (this one is spaghetti sauce bulk jar) Black and white gloss glass paint Medium soft paintbrush Thin paint brush Needle and thread White tacky glue A piece of handkerchief Finishing spray Ribbon and dried flowers Thick elastics 1. Apply a coat of black paint to entire […]

Heart Shape Gift Box

Materials: Tissue wrapping paper White glue Wired ribbon Heart shaped chocolate box Paintbrush Water Scissors Before you begin with this project: Please note that the box that I used for this project had the top inserting into the bottom box. There are many different types of heart boxes, sometimes the bottom inserts to the top. […]

Gingerbread Preserve Lid Ornaments

Materials: Used cleaned Canning lid Brown, pink, white and black gloss acrylic paint White lace White ribbon Hot glue and gun 1. Apply a thick coat of brown gloss to front of lid and allow drying then repeat on back. 2. Paint on eyes, eyelashes and mouth with black paint. 3. Paint on a pink […]

Gingerbread Can

Materials: Large coffee can ¼ yard of cotton material White foam sheet Piece of brown material (felt or corduroy) Glue gun and hot glue White tacky glue Buttons Mop string Black pen paint or permanent marker White pen paint Clean and dry a large Coffee Tin can and it’s plastic lid. Then cut some batting […]

Gingerbread Stick Ornaments

Materials: Jumbo craft sticks Popsicle sticks Wood glue Brown acrylic paint White, black and red paint pencils Stick to hang Exacto knife 1. Cut a jumbo craft stick and two Popsicle sticks in half with Exacto knife. 2. Paint sticks with a watered down wash of brown paint to give it a stained look. Allow […]

Dammitt Doll

Material: Scrap Material Poly-fill Button belly button Tiny black beads for eyes Wool (for hair) Darning needle and Black embroidery thread Needle and thread Step 1. Cut out two gingerbread-looking shapes out of scrap material for body. (Pinking shears can be used to give a more even look) Step 2. Place the two pieces together […]

Cow Spotted Wooden Hanger

Materials: 1 wooden hanger Black and white acrylics Sealer finishing spray or varnish 1. Start by painting the entire hanger with black acrylics. Allow drying time. 2. Then begin to paint on random white spots until you feel it looks full enough. Allow drying time. 3. Seal with a finishing spray (perhaps two coats to […]

Chicken Spoons

Material: Large wooden spoon White acrylic paint Black permanent marker or paint pen Small pieces of cardboard Red stretchy material ( T-Shirt) Raffia White paper twist Three big gold buttons Hot glue gun and glue Start by painting the spoon with the white paint and allow drying. Then cut out two triangles from cardboard and […]

CD Santa

Materials: White foam sheet Flesh tone foam sheet Black permanent marker Exacto knife/scissors Hot glue and gun Black acrylic paint White acrylic paint Red spray-paint White wool Finishing clear spray   Begin by taking you CD and spray-painting it red (be sure to do it in a ventilated room or outdoors). While you are waiting […]

CD Crows

Materials: Yellow foam sheet Black foam sheet Black permanent marker Exacto knife/scissors Hot glue and gun Black acrylic paint White acrylic paint Black spray-paint Straw hat cut in two ( medium sized) Yellow sunflowers A piece of Jute Finishing clear spray Begin by taking you CD and spray-painting it black (be sure to do it […]

Bottle Cap Pin Cushion

Materials: Bottle cap off 2 liter pop bottle Scrap material Sewing binding Elastic banding Small ball of wool Hot glue gun and glue Piece of wire Candle 1. Start by cutting a small circle about 3-½ inch in diameter from your material. 2. Then place tightly wrapped ball of scrap wool in center of material […]

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