Raggedy Ann CD Decoration

“This is a great way to recycle those old CD’s and décor for a little girl’s room.” Materials: Old CD Flesh tone, pink, white, red, black acrylic paints White, red and blue foam sheets Red felt sheet Scrap plaid material Button Hot glue gun and glue Scissors Finishing spray Medium and detail painting brushes

Graduate CD

This is an adorable little CD craft to celebrate someone specials graduation! Materials: An old CD Black acrylic paint Medium brush White fun foam sheet Black felt Push pin Hot glue and gun White ribbon White paper String Scissors Pencil Wire flower Blush Black marker Black fun foam

CD picture hanger

This CD picture hanger is so simple to make and a great way to display the photos of ones that fill their hearts with joy! Hanging Photo CD Display Materials: Wire ribbon Craft scissors Recycled CD’s Hot glue gun Photos

Brown Paper Gift Bags

This Christmas I had a request for dozens of cookies for gifts and came up with this personal and inexpensive way to present them. Once I got started they were really lots of fun to make and you can be as creative as you like with your materials. Here’s how I did mine!

Stick Snowmen

These are so simple! A great kids craft! Paint Popsicle sticks with white paint and let dry. Cut a felt rectangle to wrap and glue around his head for a hat. Tie off the top of hat with a piece of yarn to make a tuft. Make snips down to the tied off part to […]

Candle Jars

Materials: Preserve jar clean and dry A heart cut from card stock Acrylic paints red or blue and white Wide soft bush Old Toothbrush Finishing spray Glue stick

Snowman and Gingerbread-man Light Bulb

Materials: Regular light bulb Indoor/Outdoor gloss acrylic enamel glass paint: White (for Snowman) or brown (for Gingerbread-Man), black, pink, sky blue, orange Paintbrushes:  One soft medium sized one to put on entire first coating One small one for painting on facial features One Egg carton Small scrap of material for hat Jute for hanging Rubbing […]

Scarecrow Can

Materials: 2 large soup cans (clean) Black spray paint White material Flannel/cotton plaid material Yellow Wool Jute Straw Hat Flowers and leaves Black embroidery thread Buttons Hot glue and gun Stuffing Raffia (optional)

Gingerbread Can

Materials: Large coffee can ¼ yard of cotton material White foam sheet Piece of brown material (felt or corduroy) Glue gun and hot glue White tacky glue Buttons Mop string Black pen paint or permanent marker White pen paint

Placemat Chair Cushion Makeover

“With placemats and hot glue have a great makeover for your chairs in minutes!” Materials: Cotton weaved placemats Hot glue gun and good quality hot glue Scissors 1. Remove old material from seat of chair leaving the old cushioning in place. 2. Measure the cushion and cut one side your placemat to allow a little […]

Christmas Light Bulb Angels

Materials: Large Christmas light bulb Flesh tone acrylic paint Paint brush Black permanent marker Scraps of fabric for dress Stiffer fabric for wings Wool for hair Small flower Jute Hot glue and glue gun

Raggedy Ann Light Bulb

Materials: Flesh tone, black, pink, white, and red acrylic paints (glass paint) Paintbrush Scraps of fabric for hair and ribbon Ribbon for hanger Hot glue and glue gun Alcohol or sand paper

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