4 x 4 piece of wood
White outdoor paint
Outdoor high gloss acrylic paint (black, white, blue, pink)
A hat and scarf (I found mine at the dollar store)
4 wooden blocks and string (optional)
Glue gun and glue
Outdoor finishing spray

1. Start by applying two coats of white outdoor paint to your log and allow for drying time.
2. Then use your acrylics to paint on a cute snowman face.
3. When painting on the face. I started with a pencil and drew on what I wanted then did all the black painted outlines. Then added the details in the other colors for the eyes and a bit of pink for blushing cheeks. Coat with a finishing spray to fix paint on.
4. Start to dress him up by putting on his hat and scarf and hot glue in place.
5. If you want you can then add on garnishes like I have with the wooden block painted blue and then write “snow” in white or perhaps some snowflakes or flowers.
6. You can then sit him on the front porch to greet you house guests or sit him by the fireplace, he won’t melt away.