Sunflower People

Materials: Yeast jar Orange cotton material Iron on interface for fabric Brown nylons Poly-fill 80lb green paper Green pipe cleaner Hot glue and gun Plaster Felt Needle and thread Scissors Dry crafting moss Raffia 1. Start with an old bread yeast jar that is clean. 2. Then take some cotton orange material and use two […]

Apple Yo-Yo

Create this Apple Yo You and use it to create multitude of beautiful items. Make a pin or a bookmark for a favorite teacher. You can even glue a bunch of them on a barrette or a headband to give to your favorite little girl. Just a couple of ideas. This is a very versatile […]

School Bus Pins

Materials: Craft Sticks Exacto Knife Sand paper Pin backings Orange acrylic paint Black acrylic paint White acrylic paint Pink acrylic paint White tack glue Black permanent marker Clear gloss finish Start by cutting a craft stick into two pieces then cut the end into a point like a pencil. Then paint tip of stick with […]

Olde Crow Tin Planter

Materials: Large coffee tin White outdoor spray paint Sponge Orange, black, white and brown acrylic paint Paintbrush Use as a planter or to store things. 1. Start by spraying entire can white and allow drying time. 2. Then take a sponge and apply some orange and brown paint randomly to get a rusted look. 3. […]

CD Crows

Materials: Yellow foam sheet Black foam sheet Black permanent marker Exacto knife/scissors Hot glue and gun Black acrylic paint White acrylic paint Black spray-paint Straw hat cut in two ( medium sized) Yellow sunflowers A piece of Jute Finishing clear spray Begin by taking you CD and spray-painting it black (be sure to do it […]

Brown Paper Gift Bags

This Christmas I had a request for dozens of cookies for gifts and came up with this personal and inexpensive way to present them. Once I got started they were really lots of fun to make and you can be as creative as you like with your materials. Here’s how I did mine!

Candle Jars

Materials: Preserve jar clean and dry A heart cut from card stock Acrylic paints red or blue and white Wide soft bush Old Toothbrush Finishing spray Glue stick

Scarecrow Can

Materials: 2 large soup cans (clean) Black spray paint White material Flannel/cotton plaid material Yellow Wool Jute Straw Hat Flowers and leaves Black embroidery thread Buttons Hot glue and gun Stuffing Raffia (optional)

Simple Glasses Case

If you are looking for a new craft project for your daycare, school,summer camp, senior center or just to keep your kids busy today, this project just might just be the ticket. This craft project is sure to be an outlet for creativity and fun. When your finished you’ll have a cute glass case can […]

Liquid Shampoo and Shower Gel Base

Liquid Shampoo and Shower Gel Base and Gel Shampoo Base provide the basis for the following recipe. Makes 8 ounces 3/4 cup distilled water 1/4 cup shampoo concentrate {or substitute with 1/2 cup unscented shampoo and increase salt to 1 teaspoon} 1/2 teaspoon table salt

Scare Crow Pin

ScareCrow Pin

Materials: Very small straw hats Yellow wool Small piece white cotton Plaid material Pin backing Glue Jute Small flower for hat A couple cotton balls

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