Create this Apple Yo You and use it to create multitude of beautiful items. Make a pin or a bookmark for a favorite teacher. You can even glue a bunch of them on a barrette or a headband to give to your favorite little girl. Just a couple of ideas. This is a very versatile craft and can be used where ever your imagination takes you.


Scrap red material
Piece of brown felt
Two leaves or pieces of green felt cut like leaves
Needle and thread
Hot glue and gun

1. Cut a circle about 4 inches in diameter out of the red material.
2. Cut a circle about 2 ½ inches in diameter out of cardboard.
3. Using your thread and needle sew a straight stitch about the outside of the red material circle so it will be easily pulled into a yo-yo in the middle.
4. Place the cardboard piece in the center of red yo-yo and pull closed tight then knot closed.
5. Then hot glue on a tiny rectangle of brown felt for stem.
6. Finally, glue on your leaves.
7. You could add a magnet to the back, string them together in a decoration, or use them to accent other crafts you make.