Yeast jar
Orange cotton material
Iron on interface for fabric
Brown nylons
80lb green paper
Green pipe cleaner
Hot glue and gun
Needle and thread
Dry crafting moss

1. Start with an old bread yeast jar that is clean.
2. Then take some cotton orange material and use two sided interface for sewing, press it between the folded materials to make the material stiff.
3. Then out of the stiff material cut out the petal shapes.
4. Take brown nylons and cut out a piece for each head.
5. Sew them closed and stuffed them with Poly-fill.
6. Then take some green 80lb paper and cut it to use as the base of the flower head.
7. With a green pipe cleaner poke through the green paper and glued down for a stem.
8. Glue on each petal folding them in as you go.
9. Then glue the head in the center.
10. Once the whole flower was together I glued on some felt and drew in eyes.
11. Then filled the yeast jar with plaster and set the flowers in.
12. Stuffed in some moss around the plaster to finish it off.
13. It will need to set for about two days so the plaster dries.
14. Later you can tie on the raffia bow.

Sunflower People were fun to come up with.