Christmas Mice

Material: Styrofoam flat circle 10 inches in diameter 3 black plastic head straight pins White felt Hot glue and gun Red bows & ribbon Holly Exacto knife Start by cutting your Styrofoam circle into four even pieces with a ruler and an Exacto knife. Each slice makes one mouse body.

Snowman and Gingerbread-man Light Bulb

Materials: Regular light bulb Indoor/Outdoor gloss acrylic enamel glass paint: White (for Snowman) or brown (for Gingerbread-Man), black, pink, sky blue, orange Paintbrushes:  One soft medium sized one to put on entire first coating One small one for painting on facial features One Egg carton Small scrap of material for hat Jute for hanging Rubbing […]

Holiday Straw Wreath

Materials: One straw wreath Several wired pinecones Red bows Wired red berries 4 Candy Canes Dried flowers Small Santa’s or other figures Glue gun and glue

Bird Feed Treats

Materials: Day old bread crumbled 1-cup suet ½ peanut butter Variety of seeds

Ewe Friend

Cut two circles of cardboard for body (drinking glass may be used as a pattern). Cut a smaller circle of cardboard for the face (silver dollar size). Cover both body circles with fuzzy fur. Glue four cinnamon sticks and a gold string hanger inside one circle. Hot glue the other one to it so that […]

Felt Snowman

Materials: Off white felt (Body) Small piece of black velvet (Hat) Plaid fabric strip (Scarf) Stuffing Buttons Small flowers Embroidery thread

Lip Balm

4-tablespoons oil (olive, almond, sunflower, jojoba, castor, coconut) 1-tablespoon beeswax 15 drops of essential oil (peppermint, orange, lime, tangerine, lemon) Vitamin E optional

Liquid Shampoo and Shower Gel Base

Liquid Shampoo and Shower Gel Base and Gel Shampoo Base provide the basis for the following recipe. Makes 8 ounces 3/4 cup distilled water 1/4 cup shampoo concentrate {or substitute with 1/2 cup unscented shampoo and increase salt to 1 teaspoon} 1/2 teaspoon table salt

Gingerbread Can

Materials: Large coffee can ¼ yard of cotton material White foam sheet Piece of brown material (felt or corduroy) Glue gun and hot glue White tacky glue Buttons Mop string Black pen paint or permanent marker White pen paint

Christmas Light Bulb Angels

Materials: Large Christmas light bulb Flesh tone acrylic paint Paint brush Black permanent marker Scraps of fabric for dress Stiffer fabric for wings Wool for hair Small flower Jute Hot glue and glue gun

Country Heart Pin

Materials: 80 lb paper Wool fabric White tacky glue Pin backing Raffia This little heart pin is very simple and cute.

Frosty Nose Snowman Pin

Frosty Nose Snowman Pin

Materials: White felt Red and black embroidery thread A scrap of fabric for scarf A button Pin backing Cotton balls Hot glue and gun

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