Tissue wrapping paper
White glue
Wired ribbon
Heart shaped chocolate box

Before you begin with this project: Please note that the box that I used for this project had the top inserting into the bottom box. There are many different types of heart boxes, sometimes the bottom inserts to the top. See example.

1. Start by cutting the tissue paper into pieces. Make a mix of half water and half glue.
2. Then apply the mix to each piece of tissue and place randomly on the outside of the heart box.
3. When the entire box is covered set aside to dry thoroughly.
4. When all dry, take the wired ribbon and glue it on the outside of the overlapping lid (the box which overlaps over the smaller box). Glue the ribbon all the way around the whole heart shape using hot glue.
5. Then fold the ribbon edge inside the box and mold into place with your hands. Hot glue as needed.
6. When all done fill with a special present for your sweetheart then close it up and tie some more wire ribbon on an angle across the box.