Get ready to turn a plain old lid into a darling little piggy bank! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A thick coat of brown gloss
  • Black, pink, and white paint
  • White lace
  • A ribbon
  1. Coat the front of the lid with a thick layer of brown gloss and allow it to dry. Repeat on the back of the lid.
  2. Give your piggy some personality by painting on eyes, eyelashes, and a mouth with black paint.
  3. Add a cute pink nose and some rosy cheeks with pink paint.
  4. Use white paint to add some dots all around the outside of the lid and to the eyes.
  5. Highlight the pupils of the eyes with a bit of white paint for a more realistic look.
  6. Add some charming white lace around the rim of the lid, and glue a ribbon to the back for a hanger.
  7. Your piggy bank is now ready to be filled with all your spare change and treasures. Oink oink!