One stuffed cow
Straw hat
One large jar (this one is spaghetti sauce bulk jar)
Black and white gloss glass paint
Medium soft paintbrush
Thin paint brush
Needle and thread
White tacky glue
A piece of handkerchief
Finishing spray
Ribbon and dried flowers
Thick elastics

1. Apply a coat of black paint to entire jar and lid, then allow drying time and repeat.
2. Paint the white cow spots randomly on jar and allow drying time.
3. With a thin brush, paint in white the words “ Moola To Sit On” on the front of jar.
4. Spray jar and lid with finishing spray.
5. Sew legs and arms cris-crossed on cow to give him the appearance he’s sitting.
6. Cut two small holes in top of straw hat and push cows ears through.
7. The hat can be decorated with ribbon and dried flower if you desire.
8. Tie a piece of handkerchief around cow’s neck.
9. Glue bottom of cow to lid of jar and hold in place with elastic until dry and stable 48 hours approximately.