I Love Ewe Shadow Box

“A cute Ewe shadow box project for Valentine’s Day or year round display!” Materials: One open frame wooden shadow box pre-sanded * Small detail paint brush Medium paint brush Crimson red, white and black acrylic paint Pencil Small amount of Polyfill stuffing Jute string Glue gun and glue Scissors *I cheated and used a wooden […]

I Can Craft Hanging Heart

Materials Red fun foam Foam letters White tacky glue Ribbon Hole-punch Q-tip to apply glue with 1. Cut out one heart shape and one bottom half of the heart from red fun foam using pattern. 2. Glue heart bottom onto the heart and allow drying. 3. Glue on the foam letters “ I can craft” […]

Ragtime Jean Pull Bag

This makes a very personal and trendy gift. It could be filled with hair accessories, notebook and pens or maybe a sweet treat. Materials: Cut off bottom leg of old jeans Embroidery threads (white, pink, and red) Embroidery needle Scrap piece of pink material White cord for draw string Scissors Safety pin 1. Start by […]

Romantic Valentine’s Wreath

A Valentine’s Day wreath filled with charm and romance to adorn your favorite place! Materials: One Braid wreath Pink rose printed fabric White twisty paper ribbon Red buttons Cardboard Poly-fill Hot glue gun and glue Scissors 1. Fold your rose fabric in half and cut out several heart shapes the same size. 2. Cut the […]

Valentine’s Day Tea Tray

This tea tray will make a very sweet addition to your Valentine’s Day table. Just add some red napkins and your favorite tea cups and your all set to entertain. Materials: One red tray (either painted red or bought red already) Cardboard Scissors White and red Acrylic paint Small and medium brushes Finishing spray 1. […]

Valentine Sun Catcher

The clear beads and surface of the CD make a beautiful rainbow of colors in the sunlight. Materials: Two CD’s Glue gun and glue Clear beads in pink and white Pink paper Scissors Ribbon 1. Tie ribbon in a loop and place between two CD and glue together. 2. Cut two pink paper hearts and […]

Valentine’s Heart Magnet

This is a great Valentine’s project with a touch of country style for anyone who loves to collect fridge magnets! Materials: Red felt Scrap material Black embroidery thread Poly-Fill Fabric glue Jute Magnet backing Scissors Hot glue and gun 1. Fold the felt in half and cut out two heart shapes. 2. Fold the scrap […]

Sweetheart Headband

Materials: One plain headband Wired ribbon Heart shapes button Ribbon Hot glue and gun 1. Start by folding the wire ribbon under and then apply a bit of glue. 2. Fold Ribbon in half and glue to headband. 3. Start to wrap ribbon around the headband making sure to cover the underneath up completely. 4. […]

Be Mine Valentine Box

Materials: One wooden slide top box (recycled tea box) Black and off white acrylic paints Small and large brushes One boy and girl woodsy White tacky glue Sand paper 2 black buttons Rag 1. Sand your box making sure to remove all rough edges or printing. 2. Use a watered down black acrylic paint and […]

Puzzle Pieces Heart-shaped Plant Stick

This makes a cute addition to a flower or plant to be given as a gift to those you love! Materials: Pink and red acrylic paints Raffia 8 Puzzle pieces 1 Popsicle stick Hot glue and gun Finishing spray 1. Start by painting your puzzle pieces red on one side then allow for drying time […]

Love Bug

Materials: Red paper napkin 3 Black pipe cleaners 2 Googely eyes 2 Sparkly red pompoms Big black button 2 red yoyos made from scrap material Black string or wool Scissors Hot glue and gun Pencil Warning: Be careful, once bitten by the Love Bug there is no going back!!!! 1. Start by folding the red […]

Heart Shape Gift Box

Materials: Tissue wrapping paper White glue Wired ribbon Heart shaped chocolate box Paintbrush Water Scissors Before you begin with this project: Please note that the box that I used for this project had the top inserting into the bottom box. There are many different types of heart boxes, sometimes the bottom inserts to the top. […]

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