A Valentine’s Day wreath filled with charm and romance to adorn your favorite place!


One Braid wreath
Pink rose printed fabric
White twisty paper ribbon
Red buttons
Hot glue gun and glue

1. Fold your rose fabric in half and cut out several heart shapes the same size.
2. Cut the same amount of cardboard hearts out of the cardboard but make them just a bit smaller.
3. Hot glue a bit of poly-fill to each cardboard shape.
4. Being careful to tuck edges under glue the rose fabric over the cardboard heart.
5. Untwist a matching number of pieces of white paper ribbon and cut into equal sizes.
6. Twist the pieces of ribbon in the middle in a bow shape
7. Glue a red button in the center of each ribbon bow.
8. Then glue the hearts and bows to wreath in an alternating pattern.