This makes a very personal and trendy gift. It could be filled with hair accessories, notebook and pens or maybe a sweet treat.


Cut off bottom leg of old jeans
Embroidery threads (white, pink, and red)
Embroidery needle
Scrap piece of pink material
White cord for draw string
Safety pin

1. Start by cutting off the lower leg of an old pair of jeans and making it as even as possible.
2. Using your red embroidery thread blanket stitch the bottom closed.
3. Cut a heart shape out of scrap material and pin to center of jean bag. 4. Using a variety of stitching make your designs on bag. I used straight stitches, French knots etc. to do mine.
5. Open up top of bag and fold down to form a lip. Then loosely straight stitch all the way around leaving enough room to fit your cord through later. 6. Using a safety pin feed the draw string through one of the loose stitches all the way around and tie a knot in it.
7. Pull the cord out in a loop on either side of jean bag.