“This is a great way to recycle those old CD’s and décor for a little girl’s room.”


  • Old CD
  • Flesh tone, pink, white, red, black acrylic paints
  • White, red and blue foam sheets
  • Red felt sheet
  • Scrap plaid material
  • Button
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • Finishing spray
  • Medium and detail painting brushes

  1. Apply three coats of Flesh Tone paint waiting for dying between each coat. Always brushing in the opposite direct after each application.
  2. Take the bottom of your brush and use to make two dots for eyes and then paint on a semi-circle smile.
  3. Use black to make four lines for lashes beneath the dot eyes.
  4. Use pink paint to make circle cheeks and highlight with white on outsides.
  5. Highlight eyes with white paint.
  6. Make a little red heart in the middle of her mouth for lips.
  7. Allow drying thoroughly and then apply a coat of finishing spray by following can directions.
  8. Cut a red triangle from foam sheet and hot glue it to cover hole in CD.
  9. Cut a rectangle shape from felt sheet and then cut slits down ¾ of the way to create hair.
  10. Glue hair to back of CD and spread the felt hair open a bit. Make sure to allow for room to insert rag hair under front when lifted.
  11. Cut 2 blue heart shapes from blue foam sheet for collar.
  12. Then glue to bottom front of Raggedy Ann’s Face.
  13. Cut small stripes of plaid rag and tie a knot in the end of each piece.
  14. Then hot glue knot rag hair between the CD and the felt hair.
  15. Cut two slightly smaller hearts from matching scrap plaid material and glue to blue foam heart on collar.
  16. Take a white button and glue it to center of collar.
  17. Trace out the shape of a CD from white foam sheet and then cut out shape.
  18. Glue white foam circle to back of CD to tidy up the back.