Grads’ Paddle of Life

This is a simple little craft to show you best wishes to a graduates future! Materials: Two Popsicle sticks Fun Foam sheet String Hot glue and gun 1. Cut out two tear drop shapes from fun foam. 2. Hot glue the fun foam shapes to the end of each Popsicle sticks. 3. Then apply a […]

Life Survival Kit

Materials: Red paper (8 ½ x 11) Printer  White paper Rubber band  Glue Stick Marble  Hole puncher Match A piece of cardstock (to glue the items to) Penny  Glue gun and glue Pin  Gold ribbon Button Tea bag Confetti 1. Start by folding your red paper half way in on both side and glue at seam. […]

Snowman Soup

Materials: Soup can (washed well) Glue stick Hot chocolate mix Marshmallows Hershey’s Kisses or Hugs Plastic wrap Ribbon Candy cane or chocolate dipped spoon A printer Take your clean soup can and print out this cute Snowman soup label with poem. Glue to can at seam, just like a soup label. Then in some clear […]

Santa’s Key

1. Tie a skeleton key to a pretty bow and glue on some glitter with some spray adhesive. 2. Then attach this little poem. Santa’s Key “Santa, this old key is a magical kind and we’re leaving it out for you to find. Cause just for you, tonight, it will open any door, so you […]

Moola To Sit Bank

Materials: One stuffed cow Straw hat One large jar (this one is spaghetti sauce bulk jar) Black and white gloss glass paint Medium soft paintbrush Thin paint brush Needle and thread White tacky glue A piece of handkerchief Finishing spray Ribbon and dried flowers Thick elastics 1. Apply a coat of black paint to entire […]

Reindeer Poop

Materials: Clear wrap Ribbon Printer Paper Scissors Chocolate malt balls (Whoppers) These are simple and silly gags that are sure to bring a few smiles! Wrap a few Chocolate malt balls (Whoppers) up into little bundles with clear wrap and ribbon. Then attach this poem: Reindeer Poop I woke up with such a scare when […]

Joke Jar

Materials: Large clean jar Pastel paper Printer Card stock for tag Paper cutter or scissors Decorate as desired Trying to find an idea for that hard to craft for person, for father’s day, for that clown of a friend. Maybe this is the right gift for them!!! My children made one for daddy and he […]

Dust Pan Cookies

This is a cute Christmas time gift for your neighbors or for bake sales. Bake some arrange the cookies on the dustpan. Then wrap in colored cellophane, tie with ribbon and attach this poem. “I was baking some cookies When they dropped on the floor So I scooped them right up And rushed them to […]

Cookie Cutter Gift

Materials: Cookie cutter Ribbon White cardstock Printer Hole punch This is a great idea for a very quick little gift that can be added to a stocking, given away to co-workers or neighbors. I bought my cookie cutters at my local dollar store 4/$1.00 so this makes it a really inexpensive idea too. Just print […]

Dammitt Doll

Material: Scrap Material Poly-fill Button belly button Tiny black beads for eyes Wool (for hair) Darning needle and Black embroidery thread Needle and thread Step 1. Cut out two gingerbread-looking shapes out of scrap material for body. (Pinking shears can be used to give a more even look) Step 2. Place the two pieces together […]

Graduation Basket

Here’s a quick Graduation gift idea that will not only be a practical but funny too!! Take a pretty basket and fill it with things like grocery coupons, toilet paper, aspirin, dish towels, underwear, alarm clock, Twinkies, a pen, orthopedic insoles and nuts. Cover it in clear wrapping and attach a nice big bow to […]

Chicken Pox Pin

Materials: Yellow foam sheets Orange 20lb paper scraps Red permanent marker Black permanent marker Exacto knife/scissors Hot glue and gun Pin backings

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