Red paper (8 ½ x 11) Printer
 White paper Rubber band
 Glue Stick Marble
 Hole puncher Match
A piece of cardstock (to glue the items to) Penny
 Glue gun and glue Pin
 Gold ribbon Button
Tea bag Confetti

1. Start by folding your red paper half way in on both side and glue at seam.
2. Then fold in about ½ an inch over on each side.
3. Open the two folds and press them inwards. You will start to see a bag shape forming.
4. Make a fold upward to make the base of the bag and glue it down.
5. Fold over the top of bag to make a lap.
6. Use your hole punch and make two holes right through the bag to tie your ribbon through.
7. Print out and glue your poem to the front of bag with glue stick.
8. Then take a small piece of card stock (has to fit in bag) and using your glue gun to adhere all the little items that go with the poem.
9. Then put in bag and tie with pretty bow.
10. Put the following in your finished bag:
rubber band – to hold things together
marble – for when you lose yours
match – to brighten things up
penny – so you will never have to say “I’m broke”
pin – to remind you to stay sharp
button – to remind you to shine and do your best
tea bag – to remind you of how TEA-rrific you are
confetti – to add some fun to your life

I have also see this done up beautifully with material sew bags and there are so many different varieties of item and poems that can be used it’s endless what you can come up with. They are great inexpensive gifts for anyone!!