“With placemats and hot glue have a great makeover for your chairs in minutes!”


Cotton weaved placemats
Hot glue gun and good quality hot glue

1. Remove old material from seat of chair leaving the old cushioning in place.
2. Measure the cushion and cut one side your placemat to allow a little over lap when placed over cushion top.
3. Unravel a bit on the cut edge to match up with other three fringed sides by slowly pulling one loose strand at a time until you’ve got desired amount.
4. Slowly glue along the outer edge of the cushion one side at a time and press hard down on placemat into secure it into place. (Be careful not to wait to long as glue dries very quickly
5. As you go around each edge be sure to pull tight and press vigorously into place.
6. It only takes minutes to have a brand new look to the seats of your chairs and is easy to change again anytime.