Wooden spoon
Half a small straw hat
Piece of dowel width and length to match spoon
Scrap material
Wooden stick (this one is a pogo stick)
Green fun foam
Acrylic paints dark green, light green, white, black, pink, and orange.
Dried flower for hat
Hot glue and gun

Make a cute Father’s Day gift!!

1. Start by painting dark green the spoon and other piece of dowel for second leg. Allow drying.
2. Make two oval shapes for eyes and a squiggle for mouth with black paint.
3. Paint on two round pink cheeks.
4. Use light green paint to make eyelids and white paint for center of eyes.
5. Black dots for pupils and a white highlights in each eye.
6. With a piece of jute tie dowel (second leg) to spoon just below the neck of spoon. Hot glue a bit to keep in place.
7. Take your scrap material and fold in two. Cut out a square long enough for frog high waist-pants.
8. Sew along open fold. Cut slits in center too form two pant legs then sew around inner seam.
9. Then slip over frog legs and tie at top with large piece of jute in bow.
10. Glue a bit of moss to top of frog head then glue half straw hat over top. Garnish with dried flower.
11. Take a piece of wire and twist around a pencil to give it twirls.
12. Paint your stick (fishing rod) with orange and allow drying.
13. Bind wire to stick using jute.
14. Cut a fish shape from green fun foam and attach through end of wire.
15. Glue fishing rod to front of frog.
16. If you wish to hang fishing frog up on wall just glue a loop of jute to back of spoon.