“It’s time to get crafty and bring some festive fun to your home! Follow these simple steps to make your very own snowman decoration:

  1. Cut out two body pieces and two hat pieces (don’t forget to check the center of the pattern for the hat).
  2. Whipstitch the body pieces together and stuff them before closing.
  3. Give your snowman some character by embroidering on eyes, a nose, and a mouth.
  4. Wrap a cozy fabric strip around the neck as a scarf and tack it in place.
  5. Hot glue the front and back pieces of the hat together on top of the head, and add some buttons down the front for a touch of holiday style.
  6. Glue a pretty flower to the hat and a ribbon hanger under the scarf at the back so you can hang your snowman decoration up for all to see.

Voila! You now have a cute and festive snowman decoration to add some holiday cheer to your home.”

Fuzzy the Felt Snowman’s Festive Bauble

“I’m Fuzzy the snowman,
made of soft and cozy felt.
I’ll add some cheer to your tree,
and bring some joy to yourself.

I love to hang on branches,
and add some warmth to the night.
I’ll bring some comfort to your home,
and fill your heart with delight.

So put me on your tree,
and let’s brighten up the room.
We’ll have a holly jolly Christmas,
together in our home.”