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Raggedy Ann Pins


Blue Material
Red wool
Red ribbon
Fabric Paint pens (red, black, white)
Hot glue and gun
Pin backing
Cotton ball

1. Start by making a yoyo with blue material with a diameter of 2 inches when finished.
2. Then using the muslin make a yoyo about 1-½ inches in diameter and stuff it with a cotton ball to make it a bit puffy.
3. Glue the smaller muslin yoyo to the larger blue yoyo back to back.
4. Take a bit of wool looped and tie in middle for hair then glue to top of muslin yoyo face.
5. Paint on Raggedy-Ann face with fabric paints. Two black dots for eyes and a “v” shaped mouth. Two white dots to highlight eyes and a red triangle for nose.
6. Glue on tiny red ribbon bow to neck.
7. Glue pin backing to the back of blue yoyo.

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